Building & Engineering Contractors Southwest, Inc. is a full service General Building and Engineering Contractor. We specialize in Design/Build (D/B) and Construction Management at Risk (CMAR) contract formats but also have extensive experience with Agency Construction Management (CMA) and hard bid lump sum projects.

No matter the contract format, our extensive design and preconstruction experience gives us the ability to identify and correct potential problems before they become an expensive exercise in rework. Another advantage we provide is the flexibility of our management, control and delivery processes. We understand that each project is unique and that a ‘one size fits all’ approach will not produce the most efficient and economical solution for our customers. We will listen to your needs and provide a customized solution that gives you the most for your investment.


The D/B delivery system, currently considered an alternate delivery method, is in fact the original project delivery method used to build most pre-modern projects. In this method a single entity is accountable for Design and Construction of the entire Project. This method is appropriate for any type of project as it typically produces lower costs and a faster delivery from improved Owner/Contractor communication and value based feedback.

After initial consultations, we will assemble our D/B Team by combining our in-house resources with Professional Consultants possessing skills and experience specifically selected to meet the needs of your project in the most efficient and economical manner. We will also issue a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) and schedule early in the design phase. This greatly reduces risk for our customers by ensuring their project will be delivered within the available resources and time constraints. Competitive bidding of completed construction documents and transparent cost accounting and project management process validate our team approach and partnerships based on trust and value.

Construction Management at Risk

In practical terms, our approach to CMAR projects is identical to that of a D/B project. Though the design professionals work directly for our customers we are accountable to provide accurate and timely budget, schedule, constructability and alternate systems feedback so the Project Team can make timely value based decisions.

As with the D/B project we will issue our GMP early in design. Our competitive bidding and transparent cost accounting along with skilled, professional project management builds trust within the project team and will deliver a high value project on time and on budget.

Agency Construction Management

As CMA we operate as the Owners Representative and Project Manager. All design team firms, construction subcontractors and suppliers contract directly with the owner. We will provide pre-construction and/or construction phase services in accordance with our customers specific needs for a negotiated fee. We will add value to the project by application of our innovative management and delivery processes and ensure our customers are fully supported from commencement of design through the end of the warranty period.

General Contracting

Our ability to quickly analyze plans and specifications along with our extensive database of pre-qualified subcontractors and suppliers enables us to assemble an accurate, comprehensive and competitive bid from your completed plans. Further, we apply the same innovative management processes and state-of-the-art tools to deliver our hard bid, lump sum projects on-time and on-budget.

Force Work

We can perform, in-house, concrete as well as conventional and pre-engineered structural steel trades. We employ highly skilled craftsmen and possess all of our own tools and equipment needed to provide highly competitive pricing and a high quality finished product.