Vision, Mission, Core Competencies

Vision, Mission, Core Competencies

Vision Our vision is to be a leader in our Markets and Industry by providing innovative Project Management Services and state of the art Design and Construction delivery techniques through a highly competitive and efficient business model. This will allow us to build a financially strong and profitable business which in turn will enable us to give back to our communities and improve the circumstance of our employees and shareholders.

Mission Our mission is to add value for our customers, industry and communities by focusing on continued development of our core competencies and by being disciplined in the professional development of our staff. Only through this will we maintain our position of leadership in our industry and status as a good corporate citizen.

Core Competencies Over many decades of experience our staff has developed our innovative model for delivery of design and construction services. Our systems and processes allow our experienced staff to efficiently deliver services to our customers through a program that is customized to meet their specific needs. Our fully transparent documentation and cost control builds trust and our clear and concise customer interface provides an efficient and economical delivery.

Our Core Competencies:

  • Project Chartering and Partnering
  • Risk Management
  • Pre-Construction Services
  • Safety Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Cost Management and Control
  • Quality Management
  • Time/Schedule Management
  • Value Engineering
  • Warranty and Close-Out